Southeast University Clubs

Science Club

Motto: Trust in yourself, before anyone else

- Providing interaction and communication between the students of SEU and business world
- Improving the dialogues and interactions of SEU students with each other and with the students of other Universities
- Providing dialogues for the students of SEU with all the other educational and social institutions
- Representing the university in the domestic and international competitions
- Helping the students of SEU have an active role in the sector of information, internet and Computer
- Assisting the students of SEU in the production of new studies and technologies
- Organizing meetings, tours, parties, shows, and exhibitions for the students of SEU, and thus helping the students take part in the social life.

Dr. A.K. Guha, Asst. prof. Textile
Mr. Abdullah Al Manzur, Lec EEE
Ms. Jubaida Gulshan AraLec, Arch
Mr. B.K. Sajeeb, Lec, Pharmacy
Dr. Talukder Golam Rabby, Asst Prof. Dept. of Economics
Mr. Afnan Hossain, Lecturer, SBS

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