Southeast University Clubs

Games & Sports Club

Motto: Friendship through Sports

Aims: The aims of the Club shall be to bring people together to encourage and promote friendship.

• To promote sports, religious and other youth activities.
• To promote friendship, fellowship and natural understanding among the members of club.
• To organize games and sports from time to time either alone or in collaboration with similar Clubs/ Universities/ institutions in the country.
• To improve, manage, develop and prepare lands for playing tennis, football, cricket, hockey, basketball, squash, athletic & sports, billiard, karate, rowing and other indoor and outdoor games.

Mr. Md. Rezaul karim, Lec EEE
Mr. Mahmudul Islam, lec, Textile
Mr. A.F.M. Towheedur Rahman, Sr. Lec, Pharmacy
Mr. M. Nafeez Al Amin, Lecturer, SBS
Mr. Fahim Shaker Rosy, Lecturer, SBS

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